Some innovative cabling outside my hotel.[...]
There are a lot of tings I have forgotten about Bangkok since I was here last and I have noticed some changes also. The Street cabling is still something that fascinates me –[...]
Arrived Bangkok last night after an interesting flight from Australia. Three aussie boys got so drunk they made the majority of the flight “hell” for a good proportion [...]
We took the kids from the village on a day out for pizza and ice cream at a near by town. A kind supporter had sponsored the day. This little guy hadn’t seen ice cream like t[...]
Had a great dinner at the village last night. This was a little “gang” of the village kids have a great time with the farangs.  [...]
Did a small tour around the area here there is considerable development starting – lot of condos etc and a lot of Swiss coming in for retirement and escaping the winter. My g[...]
Have arrived safely, though got a touch of asian belly yesterday that laid me low.  The water festival is in full swing – the lot of foreigner here have manged to stuff it up[...]
Here is a link to an article that may be helpful:    [...]
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