Phnom Penh will start getting quieter as people start moving back to the provinces to celebrate the Cambodian New Year. Cambodian New Year or Chaul Chnam Thmey in the Khmer languag[...]
Arrived Phnom Penh last night. Spent the day at CHA, getting into the apartment,and dying in the heat. Its 500pm still hot but t apartment isnt to bad. Theres a bit of factory acti[...]
I attended a wedding in a village near Takeo Town, Takeo Province last Monday. It was Narong’s brother’s wedding attended by about 240 guests. The fact that I was the o[...]
I went with the Cambodian Handicraft Association (CHA) staff, student and volunteers to Chea’s funeral ceremony yesterday. She’s family lived in Kampot Province in a sm[...]
Chea, a young student at the Cambodian Handicraft Association died last night after a short illness.  Chea was a real character – I would watch her at CHA and she was very pe[...]
Tola is a teacher and ex-student at the Cambodian Handicraft Association.  She is a polio victim.  On Sunday 2 March was her birthday and I brought a small cake to celebrate with r[...]
Following a request by the Phnom Penh municipality on Tuesday, Prime Minister Hun Sen ordered an “urgent” ban on the use and importation of flavoured tobacco product shisha, as wel[...]
work up this morning to construction noise. On checking the front street saw this constructon going on. Waiting to see whether its a funeral or wedding.  Both will go for three day[...]
The traffic in Phnom Penh is terrible. On the way to work in the morning at 7  it is building up to real traffic chaos.  The motor bikes are everywhere. A lot of riders use them as[...]
CHA celebrated Valentine’s day with a small party with cake and gifts for everyone. Mr Kim organised small gifts of nail polish, lotions, lip balms, etc.  [...]