There are a lot of tings I have forgotten about Bangkok since I was here last and I have noticed some changes also. The Street cabling is still something that fascinates me – with all the money we are paying in Australia to role out the network. Internet here is fast and mostly free.

The BTS – the over head fast “tram” system is busier then what I remember and there are guards checking bags at all stations.  This is the same as you go into the shopping malls – every bag is checked.

The buildings around Soi 11 are looking their age now – I guess there is a newer tourist precinct now somewhere else. Some places have been modernised and I think lost their charm – the MBK mall used to be small individual shops now they are bigger. The Thais have definitely mastered the build malls so the shopper cannot get out.  I experienced this at the Siam Mall today and was getting a bit panicky and was completely lost when I did get out to the open air.

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